The Stark and Sweet Nature of Biblical Perception

In the last few days, God has graciously revived in my thinking the importance, and joy, of tasting by personal experience the belief and obedience of the truth.  It’s easy to point to the Harold Campings and scandalized television evangelists of our age, but it is especially and exceedingly useful when God uses our spirits […]

December Series: The Incarnation-Christ’s True Humanity

The true humanity of Jesus Christ in His incarnation is as absolutely indispensable as His virgin birth.  Perhaps little is understood today of what it means that Jesus Christ took on a true, though sinless, humanity.  Certainly, this doctrine not only has huge ramifications for our theology but also for our stand against particular heresies.  […]

Reformation Day Giveaway!

Congratulations to Courtney with WomenLivingWell!  She has won the random drawing for John Piper’s book.  Check back for our next giveaway in November–a beautiful, hardback 3 volume set of Charles Spurgeon’s classic Treasury of David–a devotional-style commentary on the entire Psalms! In honor of Reformation Day, For God & Truth Ministries will be giving away John […]

Has a Bomb Gone off in Your Life?–Living Every Moment in Light of Eternity

Has a bomb gone off in your life?  Do you realize how short time is?  Every now and then, life has a way of refocusing our gaze to really put the comparison and contrast of life in focus against the backdrop of eternity.  Our age is so consumed with serving yourself first and instantly that […]

The Biblical Doctrine of Self-Defense (Part 3)

The Scriptures are full of examples of self-defense and the preservation of life. Whether we read of the midwives, the Red Sea, or the multitudes of personal and military clashes of the people of Israel, it’s not hard to find examples of self-defense. There are, however, some common objections to Christians holding strong positions on […]