Conference 2017 Recap Video!

Lessons in Leviticus Pt. 1: Rich & Poor Worship

If you are like many, when you come to read Leviticus in your Bible reading, you may be thinking “Oh man! How do I get a blessing from this? I mean, I know it’s God’s Word, but it’s so much easier to find food for my soul when I’m reading Paul’s epistles!” This is in […]

Victory In Jesus–Finding Triumph In Our Battle With Sin

Life in Christ is filled with may “plateau moments”–moments where we can stop and look back to see the gracious and good hand of God leading, preserving, correcting, and sustaining us. Those seasons of reflection may relate to family, self, vocation, or church life, but inevitably for the child of God it always involves reflecting on […]

Christ Humbled For Us

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Job.  Every time that I come around to it I find it full of fresh meaning, challenges, and beauty.  From the opening scenes in heaven to the dramatic suffering of Job to the eternal lessons of God’s sovereignty and gracious purposes in the suffering of His […]

Christ For The Whole Man 2014: All The Messages Are Up!

We hope they are a blessing to you and your family and that you will consider joining us next year for Christ For The Whole Man 2015! We apparently had a technical difficulty and didn’t get the last message recorded, so we apologize for that.  But the rest of the messages can be heard and […]