Conference 2014 Recap: The Blood-Bought Life Of The Christian

Conference 2014’s opening message was preached by myself (Ernie Yarbrough) and was entitled “All To Jesus I surrender: The Blood-Bought Life Of The Christian”. This message sought to lay the groundwork for the entirety of the conference by showing the connection between the positional reality of fallen man and the practical outworking of an estate […]

That’s A Wrap! Conference 2014

Often in life the Lord gives you vantage points from which you can reflect on His goodness and stand amazed at His faithfulness and blessing.  Our second conference has provided such an opportunity for me.  What a wonderful two days!  From our last conference two years ago we grew in attendance and the blessing of […]

Fatherhood: A Precious Commodity

In a world broken by sin, good fathers are a precious commodity.  I didn’t realize how much I took for granted until I got into college and then the workplace.  As my experiences broadened so did my knowledge of others sorrows.  The amount of broken homes is one of the greatest heartaches thinly veiled beneath […]

Welcome to Timber Dark!

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Know Thyself: The Forgotten Reality In Bible Reading

Facts and objectivity are rather big deals in the sales world of journalism.  Like every other part of business America, journalism outlets are competing for the attention and approval of the American populace.  So the taglines go something like “hard hitting facts” or “bringing you the scoop”.  After all, who wants to have yesterday’s scoop […]