Examining Popular Claims: “We need to get back to the Early Church!” (pt. 2)

The first time I can ever remember hearing “We need to get back to the early church”, I was in a place where many theological conversations have started—Starbucks.  I was harmlessly minding my own business, enjoying a cup of coffee and prepping for an engineering college course, when this phrase immediately grabbed my ears and […]

After The Lord’s Day–A Precious Hymn For Meditation

Lord, I was blind; I could not see In Thy marred visage any grace, But now the beauty of Thy face In radiant vision dawns on me. Lord, I was deaf; I could not hear The thrilling music of Thy voice; But now I hear Thee and rejoice, And all Thine uttered words are dear! […]

Examining Popular Claims in Light of God’s Word: “We need to get back to the Early Church!” (pt. 1)

Slogans are quite a handy piece of conversation starters.  One might find politicians of every stripe and affiliation asserting the necessity to “defend the common man”, commercials encouraging you to “just do it” in your choice of athletic gear, or automobile advertisements encouraging you to select their product because it is “like a rock”.  Such […]

The Gospel & Racism

Having grown up in rural Alabama, the reality of racism was something that I wasn’t immune to as a little boy.  Derogatory terms or disdain for a person of different color was something I often heard from my extended family.  As I grew up and learned the story of segregation and the difficulty that my […]

Out With The Old & In With The New–A Christian Philosophy Of Change

Endeavoring to obey Jesus’ command to be in, but not of, the world can sometimes be difficult to obey—not in the normal sense of “I really want to do this but I know I shouldn’t.”  Many times the unbelieving men and women in places of power or influence celebrate things that are openly and obviously […]