That’s A Wrap! Conference 2014

Often in life the Lord gives you vantage points from which you can reflect on His goodness and stand amazed at His faithfulness and blessing.  Our second conference has provided such an opportunity for me.  What a wonderful two days!  From our last conference two years ago we grew in attendance and the blessing of God in the morning seasons of prayer and in all the messages and fellowship was very evident.  Many shed tears of thankfulness and all gave lots of hugs and rejoiced in the Lord as He spread His own table and put us under the banner of His love.


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the ladies of Trinity Free Presbyterian Church for their ceaseless labors of food preparation and cleanup and all those who worked behind the scenes.  There were some rather significant “bumps in the road” that God’s covenant people stepped up for, meeting every challenge that came our way.  Thank you SO very much.


As we look forward now to hopefully having the conference again next year, we trust that the Lord will bless you and will provide you with the opportunity as we post next week and feature a sermon for each day of the week from the conference.  For those who didn’t get to attend we  trust you will be able to listen and reflect on the Word and gain some of the blessing we received first hand!